Physical Education (PE) Clubs  *COVID-19 response*

sports fun activities for children London

In response to the decision to close schools we are offering Physical Education (PE) clubs to children aged 5-11 in Fulham and Putney. Our coaches are PE teachers and will be focusing on 'summer sports', as per the current school curriculum.  


Sports: tennis, cricket, athletics, rounders, frisbee and other summer sports

Time: 1:00pm – 3:30pm

Cost: £10 

COVID-19 response:  We will ensure children wash their hands every time they use our facilities and will be regularly using hand sanitiser outdoors.  


Please get in touch to if you have questions or to register your interest.  We welcome your feedback re additional clubs and are keen to work with parents to understand your PE needs during these times of uncertainty.


All sports and games equipment will be provided (excl. footwear and clothing).