Hākinakina means enjoy sport!

We believe sport and fitness should be a positive experience for children.
We work with children aged 2 - 12 years across London, delivering high quality fun-filled activities focusing on developing key skills required to play most sports.  
Benefits of children's sport: 
Improve coordination, balance and flexibility
Improve stamina and concentration
Develop sport and fitness skills
Strengthen bones and reduce body fat
Develop confidence and leadership skills
Learn the importance of teamwork

The Hākinakina Team

Luke Naughton

All-round international sportsman, Luke Naughton, has extensive experience playing and coaching a variety of sports at high levels in New Zealand, the Netherlands, Germany and the UK… Read More

Leigh Stutchbury

Leigh studied to be a PE teacher in Australia and decided to move to London in January 2016. He enjoys all sports and believes it can have a major impact in people’s ability to lead happy successful lives… Read More

Daniel Thackeray

Daniel’s passion for coaching children’s sport started at the age of 16, when he started off volunteering.  He loves being involved in and playing different sports and believes in creating a fun and enjoyable environment… Read More

Louis Grant-Anderson

Louis' main sport is football, which he has played his entire life.  He played football for Kingston College's 1st team and his Chelsea community team which gave him the opportunity to play at Stamford Bridge… Read More


Kate Smalley

Kate is a fully qualified teacher graded Outstanding with experience in secondary school leadership and management. She holds a First Class degree in Dance Performance & Teaching and teaches practical classes in secondary school...Read More